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One of the things I love most about humans is our anti-entropic impulse. We’re born and raised to bring order into chaotic situations, from the way toddlers obsess about shape-sorters to how adults arrange books on shelves. We look for patterns in clouds and in the random occurrences of life.

If there’s signal in the noise, we’ll find it. If there isn’t, we go off and make some.

But even within what seems to be ordered content—TV, books, movies—there’s a deeper order. Why do we tell the stories we tell? How is it that some plots and characters stay with us for decades, while others are forgotten as soon as the screen goes dark? Which stories matter, and why?

And then there’s the internet. It’s a fire hose of everything, mixed up until it becomes noise, and all of us who blog are, to one degree or another, picking out the signals from it.

And that’s where the subtitle of this blog comes from. I don’t claim to be getting through even one percent of the internet, much less seven percent, but I reckon we all pick through a tiny fraction of the noise that comes our way to find our signals.

So. Seven percent of everything, noise to signal.


2 Responses to About This Blog

  1. Emme says:


    I’m trying to get a message to Abi Sutherland – I hope I’ve got the right person? If not, do you have a contact email for Abi, please?

    Can you let me know how I can contact you directly, please?

    Thanks very much

  2. I am also trying to contact Abi. I’m that same Mongoose who comments on Making Light, and I’m trying to find out about living in the Netherlands. I can be reached at onebdhr.zbatbbfr [at] tznvy.pbz.

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