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De Nieuwe Batavia: Meat is Cheaper than Metal

A thought exercise: It occurs to me that, in a resource-constrained environment, the fact that inorganic materials break and wear out becomes a problem over time. Meat, on the other hand, grows back. I can picture a generation-ship culture that … Continue reading

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De Nieuwe Batavia: For Want of A Nail

One reason I’m behindhand on De Nieuwe Batavia posts here on N2S is that I feel like someone has already written what I was going to say next. And she’s also included interesting characters, a nicely symmetrical plot, and really … Continue reading

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De Nieuwe Batavia: Reduce

I recently cleaned out my T-shirt drawer, which had slowly gone from “full” to “overflowing”. What you see is the culled, tidied version. There are 41 T-shirts in there, 12 of which are black. Why do I own 12 black … Continue reading

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It might be useful, considering how much I discuss worldbuilding on this blog, to define exactly what I mean by the term. Why am I banging on about it? Why do I think it’s important, particularly for science fiction and … Continue reading

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De Nieuwe Batavia: Watchfulness & Distraction

I’m walking the perimeter, checking for an air leak. I know it’s here, I just don’t know where it is. We use a very old-fashioned way to locate leaks. Whenever we get a flag that the air mixture is off … Continue reading

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De Nieuwe Batavia

“Space…the final frontier.” I’ve been a Trekkie since I was four. I grew up believing these words the way kids believe nursery rhymes: unthinkingly. Grown up now, thinking about it, I know that it’s not Roddenberry’s fault. He didn’t invent … Continue reading

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