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Babylon 5: Points of Departure

Nothing’s the same any more. —Commander Jeffrey Sinclair The last line spoken in Chrysalis is the lament of anyone whose old certainties—some so solid they weren’t even identifiable as certainties—have passed away. It’s an excellent summing-up of the end of … Continue reading

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Typography and Languages Redux

The city of Amsterdam’s current publicity campaign is “I Amsterdam”, printed in black and red. There is a certain irony in using a pun-derived slogan in English to advertise a Dutch city. There is even more irony in then translating … Continue reading

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Allochthonia: Typography

In the same way that a variety of languages gives texture to a world, so too does a variety of ways of writing within a single language. Typography, at least in the West, varies slowly over time. And this long … Continue reading

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Babylon 5: Chrysalis

Babylon 5 came about by working on two different ideas for series. One was a vast, galaxy-spanning, huge show following the rise and fall of empires. The other show in the back of my head was about a small space … Continue reading

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Bab5: This is Just to Say

I have not forgotten the rewatch that I promised here and which you were probably giving up on as abandoned. forgive me I had house guests so entertaining and so analog. – o0o – I need to watch the episode … Continue reading

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Allochthonia: Taboos

How do you talk about what you can’t talk about? How do you explain, or even refer to, something you’re not supposed to know? How do you ask someone else not to discuss such a thing? What do you do … Continue reading

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