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Windmills and Pylons

Autumn has come to the Low Countries, and with it, heavy rains. The ground got good and soaked last night, and as the temperatures dropped, the wet land breathed fog. Urban areas, with all of their hard landscaping, still had … Continue reading

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She sold everything after her mother died. There wasn’t much to get rid of, just ordinary furniture, drab clothing, cheap kitchen things: all the accessories of a life endured rather than lived. During the cleanup, she’d found no books, no … Continue reading

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The voyage of discovery

The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. —Marcel Proust, Remembrance of Things Past I wrote, in my last piece on cycling through the Dutch landscape, about the vast openness of the terrain. … Continue reading

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And what is this new sense of time?

What is this weight in my mind? And what is this new sense of time? It’s the open fields and the friends that are gone, And I’ve been in the lowlands too long. —Gillian Welsh, “Lowlands”, who didn’t mean it … Continue reading

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Babylon 5: The Coming of Shadows

Spock: Edith Keeler. Founder of the peace movement. Kirk: She was right. Peace was the way. Spock: She was right. At the wrong time. —The City on the Edge of Forever Somewhere in my gut, storytelling and polyphony are mapped … Continue reading

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Babylon 5: A Race Through Dark Places

I will look upon him who shall have taught me this Art as one of my parents. I will share my substance with him, and I will supply his necessities if he be in need. I will regard his offspring … Continue reading

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Babylon 5: Soul Mates

This is an episode about the relationships we choose and those that we choose to abandon. Not just for Londo, though he’s the most overt example; two other characters spend this episode deciding among relationships. But let’s deal with Londo … Continue reading

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De Nieuwe Batavia: Meat is Cheaper than Metal

A thought exercise: It occurs to me that, in a resource-constrained environment, the fact that inorganic materials break and wear out becomes a problem over time. Meat, on the other hand, grows back. I can picture a generation-ship culture that … Continue reading

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Babylon 5: Spider in the Web

Remember back in Mind War, when G’Kar was playing Mysterious Soothsayer to Catherine Sakai? Let me pass on to you the one thing I’ve learned about this place. No one here is exactly what he appears. This is another one … Continue reading

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Babylon 5: The Long Dark

What’s the matter with my chapter? Everything. Bear in mind that I don’t write fiction; I edit it. Chapter 15 may be written in passable commercial prose, but it sheds no light, tells no stories, leads nowhere, says nothing that … Continue reading

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