CSS not working

Technical thing: for some reason, all of my CSS changes, which include a lot of formatting improvements and comment numbering, have stopped working in both Firefox (3.x and 4) and Safari. They still work fine in Chrome. I haven’t checked IE. Updated: Cleared the cache in Chrome, and it’s gone there too. I haven’t changed my CSS, and I haven’t updated my browser, so I suspect it’s something on the WP side.

I’ve looked on the WordPress forums a little and put a support note in. I’m not, at this point, wildly impressed with WP for pulling this particular rug out from under me. This evaluation could be affected by the second “bad enough to be home from work” illness in two weeks. Makes me crabby.

I’ll post an update if I get one, but for the moment, please forgive the missing formatting and, in particular, the missing comment numbers.

Updated: Re-saving the CSS in the back end, then clearing my browser caches, appears to have solved the problem. I am still not wildly amused by WP doing whatever it was that caused the CSS to go away.)

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8 Responses to CSS not working

  1. TexAnne says:

    For me, comment numbers are still there. (Mac Firefox 3.6.) Unless they’re not showing up on new comments?

  2. TexAnne says:

    Nope, that says comment #1.

  3. And now it’s back. Move along, nothing to see here…

  4. (What I did, which appears to have solved the problem after I recleared the browser caches and allowed the fix to be visible, is re-save the CSS updates. I am still not in love with WP for making it go away.)

  5. marc sobel says:

    If you can put in a x looks like “verbal description”
    if CSS is working, it would be neat.

  6. marc @5:

    The three easy ways to tell if my CSS improvements are working are:
    1. check if comment numbers are visible
    2. look in the sidebar. the “Seven Percent” sidebar is actually an RSS feed (to my delicious account), with an RSS icon and very different colors for links
    3. look for the name of the blog above the header image

    This little hiccup may persuade me to move from WordPress.com (hosted) to WordPress.org (running my own) sooner than I’d planned to. That’s more work, but it would also give me comment preview, which I would really like…

  7. SteveG @7:

    I’m not convinced that the hacking will have been the problem, but it’s entirely possible that the solution to the hack required some rebooting of this and restoring of that, not all of which is guaranteed to have worked out right. That would be consistent with re-saving fixing things.

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